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Who is Pramik Photography?

Pramik Photography was officially started in 2013 upon rediscovering a passion for photography. Ryan Pramik, the owner operator, had been doing photography and video work, on and off throughout the course of his life, mostly as a hobby, but it was a few key moments in 2013 and the chance taking of a photography class while attending Sam Houston State Univeristy that lead him to change his career path and his major, ultimately, to Photography.

While working a full time job and completing college courses online, he used the time and opportunities along the way to learn and hone his skills, venturing into the genres of Pin Up, Glamour, and Automotive. Combining his passion of automobiles and all things motorized with his passion for photography, he discovered a commercially viable option to pursue as a career.

Along the way, he learned and expanded his skillset from shooting to post production which allowed him to venture into the realm of full time photographer.